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   The modern pace of life does not leave much free time. Often working people and students do not have enough time for read, or for some other type of activity. Carving out a couple of minutes for spare time, people just aimlessly rest. However, we have to understand that knowledge cannot simply enter our heads itself and settle in our memory. Our mind should be constantly nourished with new knowledge, and books are able to provide us with anything we need. It is impossible to live without books. Of course, it is very important to be a specialist in computer programs or to be competent in automobile business, but that is not the whole life. Will you have topics for dialogue with people of the older generation, for whom your occupation is not clear enough? Will you be able to charm your beloved one with poetic confessions or share with your friends your philosophical thoughts? There are many doubts about that. Today, it seems that your life is quite good, because you have work, money and friends. But think the matter over once again. What about the future? What will you give to your children and grandchildren? How will you teach them the basics of behavior and things that surround us? It is impossible to know everything about our world; however, you may broaden their horizons with the help of books. Even if you have never been to France or you have never lived among the Native Americans, you can always dip into their lives with the help of a good book. Simply reading some informative encyclopedia or manual, or something of the kind, you will find answers for almost all questions.

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